Take Part In Our 2023 Astriid Survey And Help Shape Inclusive Working!

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If you were connected with Astriid in the earlier days, you may remember our ground-breaking Employment And Long-Term Illness Report. The findings of this report have had many practical applications in the world of work, and now we’re crafting a new and exciting piece of research… and we need your help! Our 2023 Astriid Survey […]

Finding Work As A Disabled And Neurodivergent Graduate

disabled neurodivergent graduate sat on her bed, typing on a laptop positioned in front of her

Today, we’re chatting with Meg Farrow about their experiences of finding and being in work as a disabled and neurodivergent graduate. With Astriid’s assistance, Meg has recently been offered and accepted a role with Advanced, a brilliant organisation who recognises her talents, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her! Hi […]

Success Story – Finding Creative And Sustainable Work Alongside Chronic Illness

disabled neurodivergent graduate writing in a diary for her creative and sustainable work

Alison has lived with chronic pain and chronic fatigue for many years, which made it difficult for her to remain in full-time employment. She was previously working in HR and training before becoming a freelance training consultant, but the demands of the work weren’t compatible with her physical health needs. Her symptoms meant that she […]

Making Self-Care Part Of Your Workday

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Today’s post is by Astriid candidate and volunteer content creator, Holly Garrow. Keep reading to discover her advice for making self-care part of your workday! Self-care is important for everyone but especially for those who are chronically ill. We spend so much time actively looking after our physical health, that sometimes mental health can take […]

Becoming Self-Employed With A Long-Term Health Condition – Points To Consider

In this post, writer Hannah Emery shares some important points to consider for becoming self-employed with a long-term health condition. If you’re seeking meaningful work, sign up with Astriid today! Deciding to become self-employed instead of following the traditional employment route can feel like a leap into the unknown. However, more and more people are choosing […]

How Do I Know If I’m Ready To Work Or Volunteer?

woman sat at a table, tablet device in her hands as she considers whether to work or volunteer

In this post, writer Hannah Emery shares her tips and advice on how individuals with long-term conditions can consider whether they’re ready to work or volunteer. If you’re seeking meaningful work, sign up with Astriid today! Taking the first step into employment or volunteering when you have either been completely unable to work or have had […]

Success Story – Finding Flexible Work In The Charity Sector

charity sector flexible

Finding flexible work in the charity sector can be demanding, especially for people with energy-limiting conditions. Keep reading to find out how Pippa went from signing up as a candidate to becoming part of the Astriid team! “Whenever I describe my condition to others, I refer to myself as an ’in-betweener’. I’m not ill ‘enough’ […]

Success Story – Recognising Your Employability After Cancer Treatment

employability cancer treatment

Many people have concerns about their employability after going through cancer treatment. However, Claire’s story shows that with the right support, it’s possible to find accessible and fulfilling work. “I was very qualified for the jobs I was applying for, but I felt that I was being overlooked because I was declaring that I was […]

How To Find Inclusive Work Experience And Internships During Your Degree

female student stood in front of a brick wall facing the side, with an academic book held up in front of her head so it's covering her face

Are you a student looking for inclusive work experience and internships to complete during or after your degree? In this webinar from November 2021, Astriid Communication Consultant, Pippa Stacey, shares some bespoke tips and tricks for students with chronic illnesses on this very topic. Being at university with a chronic illness can be tough. As […]