Inclusive Recruitment training

Attract an invisible talent pool of people with long-term health conditions

At Astriid we know what it takes to bridge the gap between a long-term health condition and employment

People with long-term health conditions form an untapped talent pool because employers aren’t fully aware of the barriers they face to competing for jobs.

Did you know that when it comes to health and disability there is much more than unconscious bias at stake to ensure a level playing field for diverse talent? This workshop talks you through the hidden barriers and teaches you simple but effective solutions for overcoming them.

By 2030, 40% of the UK’s working age population will have at least one chronic, work-limiting condition. So let us help you to build a diverse and dynamic workforce that’s fit for a future where no one is left behind.

A 2 - 3 hour online training workshop for up to 20 attendees
A 2 - 3 hour online training workshop for up to 20 attendees

Who will benefit?

This workshop comes in 2 formats tailored to your organisation:

  • For Senior, HR and DEI leaders responsible for recruitment strategy and policy
  • For hiring managers responsible for job advertising, candidate selection, interviewing and onboarding.

Learning through practice

Through group discussion and hands-on activities, hiring managers will review job descriptions and practice interview scenarios where candidates bring up health and disability. Senior leaders will be inspired by fresh thinking on recruitment strategies than can genuinely level the playing field for people disadvantaged by a long-term health condition.

Access to course materials and transcript will be provided, including data and insights drawn from the candidates we support at Astriid.

What you’ll learn

  1. Understand the business case for employing people with LTCs and their value in the workplace.
  2. Appreciate the barriers faced by candidates with invisible disabilities and career breaks due to ill health in the recruitment process.
  3. Position your organisation as an employer of choice for people with long term conditions and disabilities.
  4. Respond appropriately to disclosures of health and disability during recruitment so you can foster trust and confidence in candidates as well as comply with anti-discrimination law.
  5. Ensure your platforms and processes are accessible and inclusive.
  6. Develop creative solutions that genuinely level the playing field for people with long-term conditions and disabilities

Take a step towards a more inclusive hiring strategy

From accessible platforms and inclusive language to confident communication around health and disability at all stages of recruitment, attendees will leave feeling confident and inspired about reaching a hidden talent pool and solving the skills shortage.

Learn from the experts on long term conditions at work

Our expertise on long term conditions in the workplace is unique. Astriid is a charity that connects hundreds of talented candidates with long term conditions with meaningful work. What’s more, all of us at Astriid have lived experience of living and working with a long-term condition.


From £1,600 with an optional 25% donation to support our charity’s work.

Up to 20 participants.