Success Story – Recognising Your Employability After Cancer Treatment

Many people have concerns about their employability after going through cancer treatment. However, Claire’s story shows that with the right support, it’s possible to find accessible and fulfilling work.

“I was very qualified for the jobs I was applying for, but I felt that I was being overlooked because I was declaring that I was still having treatment for cancer.”

In 2016, Claire was diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s been a turbulent journey, but she now has a treatment plan and feels she is in good health. When she felt stronger and ready to get back into the workplace, Claire began applying for lots of different jobs. However, although she was clearly qualified for the roles, she was constantly being overlooked by employers. It seemed as though her talent and potential were automatically being overlooked because she disclosed her long-term illness on the application forms.

This is something the Astriid team are working particularly hard to counter in the employment and recruitment sector. You can read more about this in our recent research report!

Fortunately, Claire’s sister had recently seen an article about Astriid on BBC News. She encouraged her to reach out to the charity, and within two weeks of uploading her CV to Astriid’s platform, Claire found herself in a meeting with the CEO of a notable organisation. This CEO recognised her employability, as a talented candidate with a wealth of experience, and she secured the role. Claire feels that Astriid played an instrumental role in reminding herself and employers of her worth. The charity reminded her of her employability even after cancer treatment, so that she could once more feel like a valued part of the workplace.

Here at Astriid, we match talented people with long-term illnesses with meaningful employment opportunities. We work with employers to make sure that they can meet candidate’s needs, and help candidates through all stages of their ‘work ready’ journey. You can find out more and sign up as a candidate or an employer by visiting our website!