How To Find Inclusive Work Experience And Internships During Your Degree

Are you a student looking for inclusive work experience and internships to complete during or after your degree? In this webinar from November 2021, Astriid Communication Consultant, Pippa Stacey, shares some bespoke tips and tricks for students with chronic illnesses on this very topic.
Being at university with a chronic illness can be tough. As well as balancing your health condition with student life and academics, and making time for yourself and enjoying the student experience, there’s life after graduation and future employability to consider too…
This online session covers a variety of topics, including questions to ask yourself before you begin searching for inclusive work experience and internships, how to identify opportunities that will be most beneficial (but energy-efficient!) for your interests, examples of workplace adjustments you’re entitled to as a student, and less ‘typical’ examples of work experience and internships that are out there and waiting for you. With this webinar, we hope to empower students with chronic illnesses, to ensure that they know their worth and can take sustainable steps toward their career goals. 
There is also a Q&A session at the end, and all resources mentioned can be found below:

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