Success Story – Finding Flexible Work In The Charity Sector

Finding flexible work in the charity sector can be demanding, especially for people with energy-limiting conditions. Keep reading to find out how Pippa went from signing up as a candidate to becoming part of the Astriid team!

“Whenever I describe my condition to others, I refer to myself as an ’in-betweener’. I’m not ill ‘enough’ not to work at all, I’m well enough to do something, but I’m definitely not well enough to work in a typical nine till five occupation or travel to an office every day.”

Pippa, who has ME/CFS, struggled to find flexible work in the charity sector. While she was looking for inclusive and remote work, she began her blog to explore her love of writing. Establishing an online platform, though only intended to be a hobby, eventually began to open up opportunities for her with various chronic illness charities and as a freelance writer.

It was through researching for a freelance piece that she discovered Astriid… and felt an immense sense of relief. She signed up as a candidate and found herself talking to Astriid’s CEO Steve Shutts. Between them, they found they could both help each other. As well as her writing and presenting work, Pippa now also works for Astriid as a communications consultant. She finds real joy in working for an organisation that supports others who are facing challenges similar to her own, and she’s proud to support the charity as it continues to grow.

Here at Astriid, we match talented people with long-term illnesses with meaningful employment opportunities. We work with employers to make sure that they can meet candidate’s needs, and help candidates through all stages of their ‘work ready’ journey. You can find out more and sign up as a candidate or an employer by visiting our website!