Introducing the Astriid Challenge

Over the past year, we’ve all been trapped by circumstances beyond our control. For most, there is an end in sight, but isolation will continue for millions of people in the UK who have a chronic illness or disability.
Here at Astriid, we know there are countless people with long-term health conditions seeking meaningful work. Our mission is to make that Invisible Talent Pool, visible… and to make that happen, we’re asking you to take on The Astriid Challenge.
The idea is simple, and the goal is ambitious. Over the course of July 2021, we want to travel one virtual lap around the world, covering a distance of over 40,000km and raising vital funds for Astriid along the way.
All you need to do is set yourself a personal challenge, decide upon a fundraising target, and encourage those around you to sponsor your endeavours or even join in with a challenge of their own.
The challenge you pursue is completely within your control – you’ll choose how you want to do it, and how far you want to go. You might decide to set yourself a physical challenge that will push you to be your best, or take on non-physical but equally as valuable goals that are manageable alongside your health condition. Above all else, this challenge is for everybody.
Our team is on hand to support you with fundraising and cheer you on, and you’ll have the satisfaction of logging your distance online and seeing it contribute to our overall charity total. Every penny raised will genuinely help make the world a better place for people with long-term health conditions, and ensure they remain visible in a post-lockdown society.
By joining The Astriid Challenge, you’ll enable talented people living with long-term health conditions to find meaningful work with great employers. You’ll help a hidden workforce to tackle personal challenges, achieve their goals, and regain the sense of purpose that comes through work.
It’s not about the distance. It’s not about the time. It’s about our collective impact.
Set yourself a personal goal, and help others achieve theirs. For further information, ideas for physical and non-physical fundraising challenges, and to register your team and get started, simply head to We’re so excited to see what you come up with!