Employment And Long-Term Illness: The Invisible Talent Pool – Astriid Report

Many people wish to find employment alongside long-term illness. However, there are many barriers that prevent individuals from finding suitable opportunities and pursuing an inclusive career. These challenges have been highlighted in Astriid’s research report, Employment And Long-Term Illness: The Invisible Talent Pool.

Astriid’s Work

Astriid is a platform that connects talented people with long-term conditions with meaningful work, and helps employers to diversify their workforce. We have seen first-hand that in the right environment, engaging with work can transform individuals’ quality of life for the better. Recruiting people with long-term illnesses and unique life experiences also offers valuable benefits for employers and companies.

However, our 2021 research report, Employment And Long-Term Illness: The Invisible Talent Pool, shows that talented people with chronic and long-term illnesses are still facing relentless challenges in employment and recruitment.

Our Research

The chronic illness community is full of motivated and highly-educated talent people, with plenty of transferrable skills to bring into the workplace. However, we found that many individuals with long-term conditions experience multiple challenges in finding suitable opportunities to work:

  • A lack of flexible, inclusive roles to apply for
  • Challenges with disclosing health conditions during recruitment and onboarding
  • Securing reasonable adjustments for job roles
  • Maintaining work-life balance alongside the toll of managing their condition
  • A lack of information and training specifically about chronic and long-term illness for employers and line managers

The full report, Employment And Long Term Illness: The Invisible Talent Pool, is available to download and read online.

Here at Astriid, we match talented people with long-term conditions with meaningful work. We also help employers to diversify their workforce, become more inclusive in their practice, and harness the skills of our Invisible Talent Pool. To find out more and sign up as a candidate or employer, visit our website. Don’t forget to check out some of our Success Stories too!