The Astriid Challenge: Meet Maxime Pommereau, Regional VP, Salesforce France

Maxime Pommereau, Regional Vice President, Salesforce France, is taking up the Astriid Challenge, and helping us raise funds to put people with long-term health conditions into employment. See below his reasons for being a part of the 400-strong group of wonderful individuals supporting us this year.

Why are you doing the Astriid challenge?

Maxime Pommereau: The Astriid Challenge is a great way to be involved in a great cause. I loved this challenge linking together fundraising for an inspiring charity mixed with a great team spirit. This year 2021 I will raise funding for Astriid with my French team trying to achieve altogether Le Tour de France! Our EMEA South Team will compete with us. We hope to bring all our forces to Astriid and all the people they are taking care of.

What does Astriid mean to you?

Maxime Pommereau: Astriid means a lot to me. First, because Astrid is my wife’s first name! Joke aside, because we are unfortunately all in contact or have been in contact with people with long term disease. On my side, I have experienced it with my mother, and now with close friends. In these moments, I have always noted how important it is for them to maintain a social and professional life. It is a key motivation and satisfaction. As we all know, these sentiments are important to fight against the disease. For all this, Astriid is a matter of public interest, changing our relationship with people and long-term disease.
Maxime Pommereau

How did you hear about Astriid?

Maxime Pommereau: Unfortunately, Astriid is not really famous “yet” in France. I heard about it thanks to my UK colleagues who brought it to my attention during a meeting. I found the project and the cause really important and wanted to be part of it right away. Astriid is really making a change in our attention to people.