The Astriid Challenge: Meet David O’Farrell, Director – Public Sector (UK & Ireland), Salesforce

David O’Farrell, Account Partner, Director – Public Sector (UK & Ireland), Salesforce Professional Services took on the Astriid Challenge and will cycle to raise money for our charity over the month of July. His motivation? Give some of the fantastic individuals in the Invisible Talent Pool the platform to share the ‘song they have within them.’

Why are you doing the Astriid challenge?

David O’Farrell: As many of us realise and appreciate, our health is an absolute privilege that should never be taken for granted. I, like many, have seen firsthand a number of my nearest and dearest friends and family members, manage their long-term or indeed terminal conditions as best they can over the years. I sometimes found it very difficult to watch and comprehend how some of these amazing individuals could not find the platform to share the ‘song’ they had within them. Astriid helps give these incredible friends and family members the opportunity and flexibility to share their amazing knowledge with us all and on their terms. I am doing the Astriid Challenge to help raise both funding and awareness so we can create more opportunities for these awesome people. Keep up the great work!

What does Astriid mean to you?

David O’Farrell: To me, Astriid gives the people we know, love, and admire the platform to contribute and share the ‘song’ they have within them, with our communities and workplaces, and on terms that allow them to flexibly manage their conditions, on as circumstances dictate basis. How amazing is that?

How did you hear about Astriid?

David O’Farrell: I first heard of Astriid through the fabulous sponsorship of Simon Short, who gave the charity a great platform to be heard. Once I became aware of its existence and its alignment with my core values as a person, I felt compelled to reach out to get involved with the organisation through Arun Sharma and the rest, as they say, is history! If I had the opportunity to share one call to action with any leader who may read this short article, it is this: please, do reach out to the team at Astriid and find out more about how you too can give this great organisation the platform they need to continue raising awareness about its great work!

David O'Farrell
David O’Farrell