Astriid Challenge: Meet Martin Davies, Astriid Trustee & Challenge Committee Chair     

Martin Davies, one of our brilliant trustees, is part of the Astriid Challenge and tells the story of how and why he’s joined Astriid on our journey to help those living with long-term health issues and their carers find meaningful employment or volunteering opportunities.

Why are you doing the Astriid challenge?

Martin Davies: It’s great to be doing something that helps others, I love being part of a team and it will just be so good to be out and about after this strange and challenging year.

What does Astriid mean to you?

Martin Davies: It means improving people’s lives – Astriid’s mission resonates with almost everyone. The vast majority of us know someone, a friend, relative or work colleague who has a long-term health condition – and so, we have some small insights into the serious challenges this can bring.

How did you hear about Astriid?

Martin Davies: I’ve been involved with Astriid as a volunteer right from the start and I’m now a trustee, helping to grow this exciting charity

Martin Davies
Martin Davies

Founded by David Shutts, OBE following his cancer diagnosis, Astriid believes that the value of work is far more than the wages paid. Employment provides routine, a sense of normality, challenges, and rewards, and when approached correctly, can also facilitate a greater sense of wellbeing. Astriid, a UK charity founded in 2018, helps bridge the gap between the Invisible Talent Pool (people with chronic illnesses who wish to pursue volunteering or employment), and the UK skills crisis. Astriid looks to find meaningful employment for people with long-term health issues and their carers.