Making Employment Work For People With Long-Term Conditions – Astriid Report

a white female working at a desk and looking at her laptop, wearing headphones, to symbolise long-term conditions at work

There are over 2.5 million individuals in the UK who are excluded from employment due to long-term conditions, with 40% of the workforce predicted to develop such health conditions during their working lives. The disability employment gap and rise in health-related economic inactivity have been widely reported, yet there is a significant lack of consultation […]

Employment And Long-Term Illness: The Invisible Talent Pool – Astriid Report

person sat at desk typing on laptop - employment and long-term illness report

Many people wish to find employment alongside long-term illness. However, there are many barriers that prevent individuals from finding suitable opportunities and pursuing an inclusive career. These challenges have been highlighted in Astriid’s research report, Employment And Long-Term Illness: The Invisible Talent Pool. – Astriid’s Work Astriid is a platform that connects talented people with […]