Disability Disclosure During Recruitment – The Elephant In The Room 

a woman sat at a table facing two job interviewers, looking worried, to represent disability disclosure

“When is the right time during the recruitment process to disclose a disability? Will disclosure make me less likely to secure the role? Should I highlight it on my application form, or wait until I’m speaking directly with an interviewer? Perhaps I should try and conceal my condition and avoid the conversation altogether?” These are […]

How Do Views On Employment And Disability Disclosure Between Disabled People And People With Long-Term Conditions?

an open laptop at a table with hands typing and a coffee cup behind, to represent employment and disability

Written by Astriid volunteer Fiona Boyle A survey of over 3000 disabled people by the inclusive jobs board Evenbreak has looked at employment and disability, including perceptions towards employers and when a disabled person should disclose their disability. This research complements Astriid’s Invisible Talent Pool report, which focuses specifically on the experiences of people with […]

Reasons To Hire People With Energy Limiting Conditions

a woman wearing headphones and writing in a book as she works on her laptop, to represent energy limiting conditions

Did you know that over a third of disabled people in the UK have an Energy Limiting Condition? Energy Limiting Conditions (ELCs) are characterised by energy impairment (fatigue that is not alleviated by rest) and chronic pain, and include conditions such as Long Covid, ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, and many other neurological, musculoskeletal, autoimmune, and respiratory […]

5 Ways That Flexible Working Empowers People With Long-Term Conditions

a woman working at home at a desk in front of her window, to represent flexible working

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the world has become much better acquainted with the term ‘flexible working’. However, this phrase doesn’t only relate to working in a way that fits around your lifestyle. For many people with long-term conditions, flexible working is the key to establishing a sustainable and inclusive career. Flexible working adjustments […]

Get Ready For The Astriid Challenge 2023!

hands holding loose coins and a sign that says 'make a change', to symbolise the astriid challenge

The Astriid Challenge, our annual fundraising initiative, is back! From 10th June-31st July 2023, we’re looking for individuals and teams to help us meet our fundraising goal, at a time when doing so is more crucial than ever before. So, how do you join in? Why Fundraise For Us? Over the past 5 years, Astriid […]

Astriid’s Save Our Charity Appeal

Purple graphic. Text reads ‘Astriid Emergency Appeal. Make a difference by donating today. We urgently need your support to continue our work. From everyone at Astriid, thank you’. Image features a red computer key on a keyboard which says ‘donate’.

Over the past 5 years, we have supported hundreds of candidates with long-term conditions to help them secure meaningful employment. We have over 2000 individuals signed up to our bespoke Candidate Support Program, and we’re committed to providing practical help and guidance that is unique and tailored to their individual needs. This includes support with […]

2023 State of the Future of Work – A Report Summary

a laptop displaying an illustrated head with colourful cogs inside it, to symbolise e-learning and future of work

Written by Astriid Volunteer Sabeeha Kassam Last year the Work Futures Hallmark Research Initiative, a research team from The University of Melbourne, surveyed 1,400 Australian employees to understand their perspectives two years into the pandemic. Here’s all you need to know about their findings. They asked the following questions: Some interesting statistics from the report […]

An Important Update On The Future Of Astriid

a person in a yellow jumper working on a laptop, to represent astriid

Like many small charities, Astriid has been in a very challenging financial position over the last few years, and raising money to keep our operations going has been tough. Everybody on our team manages their own health conditions, and sadly, our CEO Steve Shutts is now stepping back due to a worsening in his own […]

Disabled Graduates – What Does The Future Hold?

disabled graduates, throwing their graduation caps in the air with their hands

Being a disabled student is tough, and moving into the world of work after graduation can be even tougher. So, what do we know about what the future holds for disabled graduates? And how can we improve this transition period in the future? The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Service (AGCAS) has reported on the […]

Disabled People’s Views On Employment – A Summary

cartoon male in suit holding out a hand with the word 'job' resting on top of it, with other hands struggling to reach it, representing views on emplpyment

Written by Astriid Volunteer Sabeeha Kassam Evenbreak and YouGov surveyed 3,000 disabled people on their views on the following three questions: Here’s what you need to know about the answers from disabled people about their views on employment. Employment barriers To disclose or not to disclose Views on employers In conclusion, there are 14.1 million […]