Disability Disclosure During Recruitment – The Elephant In The Room 

“When is the right time during the recruitment process to disclose a disability? Will disclosure make me less likely to secure the role? Should I highlight it on my application form, or wait until I’m speaking directly with an interviewer? Perhaps I should try and conceal my condition and avoid the conversation altogether?”

These are just some of the internal questions that people with long-term conditions contend with as they enter the world of work. As well as the physical demands of applying for jobs and adjusting to new circumstances, we also spend a huge amount of cognitive energy trying to work out when it is the ‘right’ time to disclose our disabilities… and whether a universal ‘right’ time exists at all.

Read Astriid’s free resource to find out more about this significant issue and the steps employers and organisations can take to reduce applicants’ fears and ensure you’re recruiting truly diverse talent for your roles.

What Do Employers Need To Know?

Barriers during the job recruitment process mean that disabled people and those with long-term conditions are systemically disadvantaged when it comes to entering the world of work… and the issue is particularly complex for people with less-visible disabilities, such as Energy Limiting Conditions. 

This free resource covers an introduction to the challenges surrounding disability disclosure, hidden barriers faced by people with long-term conditions during recruitment, findings and lived experiences of disclosing a disability to an employer from previous Astriid candidates and team members, and the real and tangible ways these barriers can be removed.

Generations of disabled people have been advocating for equality during recruitment for decades. Finally, the rest of the world is beginning to recognise the challenges that are faced, and consider potential solutions that benefit everybody. However, a desire to improve disability inclusion isn’t enough without meaningful action. That’s why it’s so important that employers and organisations are informed and educated on the topic of inclusive recruitment – especially the unique challenges faced by people with long-term conditions who are often omitted from the broader conversation.

Are you ready to tackle The Elephant In The Room and enable confident conversations about disability disclosure? Read our free resource now via the link below!

Here at Astriid, we are ready to help. Our organisation is led by disabled experts by experience in long-term conditions at work, and we help forward-thinking employers to become more disability inclusive. Let our Astriid Consulting team partner with you to transform the challenge of long-term conditions into an opportunity for your organisation to flourish.  

Astriid Is Here To Help

Registration is now open for our bespoke courses, including our ground-breaking Inclusive Recruitment Training. During this training, you will… 

  • Be introduced to the business case for employing people with LTCs and their value in the workplace. 
  • Learn all about the barriers faced by candidates with invisible disabilities during recruitment, as well as those returning to work after ill-health career breaks. 
  • Position your organisation as an employer of choice for talented people with long term conditions and disabilities. 
  • Become skilled in responding appropriately to disclosures of health and disability during recruitment, so you can foster trust and confidence in candidates alongside complying with anti-discrimination law. 
  • Ensure your platforms and processes are accessible and inclusive. 
  • Develop creative solutions that genuinely level the playing field for people with long-term conditions and disabilities… and plenty more! 


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