Embracing the Workstyle Revolution: Astriid Engages in Critical Roundtable Discussion

Astriid CEO James Arvidson participating in the roundtable event with Workstyle Revolution.

Last month, Astriid CEO James Arvidson had the privilege of participating in an enlightening roundtable event by Workstyle Revolution, organized by Alex Hirst and Lizzie Penny, authors of the Sunday Times bestselling book by the same title. The essence of the Workstyle Revolution lies in advocating for a new paradigm of work, particularly in the […]

What Are Energy Limiting Conditions? Download our new resource for free!

Two wooden figures of people stood next to each other. One is smiling with a full battery symbol over their head, the other is frowning with a low battery signal over their head, to represent energy limiting conditions.

Did you know that up to one-third of disabled people in the UK are estimated to have an Energy Limiting Condition (ELC)? Despite this, there’s still a profound knowledge gap when it comes to these conditions and how they impact individuals – especially in the world of work. Therefore, we are delighted to share our […]

Astriid’s End Of Year Round-Up 2023

A group of employees working on laptops around a table, with a woman stood at the front using post-its to present. Symbolises end of year round-up.

It’s no secret that, like many charities, 2023 has been a tough year for Astriid. We have fought to keep our work going in the face of immense financial challenges and have had to make difficult decisions about the way we operate. But despite this, there have also been several victories too. Here are just […]

Write To Your MP To Oppose Changes To ‘Fit For Work’ Assessments – Template Email

A pair of hands typing on a laptop keyboard, to symbolise write to your MP.

In November 2023, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced this year’s autumn statement. Among other things, this included the introduction of measures that will severely disadvantage disabled people and those with long-term conditions who are currently out of work and relying on social support. You can read Astriid’s full statement, opposing these measures, in this blog post, […]

Astriid Statement on Autumn Budget 2023

A woman in a hospital bed, focussed on the cannula in her hand.

Today, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has announced this year’s autumn statement. Among other things, this included the introduction of measures that will severely disadvantage disabled people and those with long-term conditions who are currently out of work and relying on social support. Although Astriid exists to help talented people with long-term conditions access the world of […]

Astriid Responds To Proposed Amendments To Work Capability Assessments (WCAs)

A woman sat at a table in front of two female interviewers, looking worried but alert.

As a charity, we have submitted an evidence-based response to the DWP consultation on their proposed amendments to Work Capability Assessments (WCA). Our submission details the following: · Reducing eligibility for the Limited Capacity for Work and Work Related Activity (LCWRA) further erodes the essential safety net of a population who are already at a […]

What Can We Learn From Unum’s Wellness Action Plan?

A hand holding an orange pen and writing in a journal, to represent a Wellness Action Plan.

Written by Astriid Volunteer Sabeeha Kassam Long-term health conditions can be defined as ‘a condition or symptoms that can only be managed long-term with therapies or medication’. There are lots of ways talent with a long-term health condition can be supported in the workplace.  This will enable them to thrive, not survive, both personally and […]

Disability Disclosure During Recruitment – The Elephant In The Room 

a woman sat at a table facing two job interviewers, looking worried, to represent disability disclosure

“When is the right time during the recruitment process to disclose a disability? Will disclosure make me less likely to secure the role? Should I highlight it on my application form, or wait until I’m speaking directly with an interviewer? Perhaps I should try and conceal my condition and avoid the conversation altogether?” These are […]

How Do Views On Employment And Disability Disclosure Between Disabled People And People With Long-Term Conditions?

an open laptop at a table with hands typing and a coffee cup behind, to represent employment and disability

Written by Astriid volunteer Fiona Boyle A survey of over 3000 disabled people by the inclusive jobs board Evenbreak has looked at employment and disability, including perceptions towards employers and when a disabled person should disclose their disability. This research complements Astriid’s Invisible Talent Pool report, which focuses specifically on the experiences of people with […]

Reasons To Hire People With Energy Limiting Conditions

a woman wearing headphones and writing in a book as she works on her laptop, to represent energy limiting conditions

Did you know that over a third of disabled people in the UK have an Energy Limiting Condition? Energy Limiting Conditions (ELCs) are characterised by energy impairment (fatigue that is not alleviated by rest) and chronic pain, and include conditions such as Long Covid, ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, and many other neurological, musculoskeletal, autoimmune, and respiratory […]