Interview Types


This is the traditional interview. It gives the most rounded view of the individual, their likes, skills, and attributes. It also can place them in a work setting to see how they adapt. However, due to social distancing face-to-face interviews may soon be in the minority.

Phone call

This type of interview can be more informal and probably shorter. It may help the employer gauge if a person has the qualifications and experience to progress them to a more intense interview. In terms of social distancing, obviously, external interviews are much safer, less time consuming and allow the employer to narrow down their potential candidates at a much faster rate.

Video call

With the benefits of modern technology, a video call interview enables the employer and candidate to “meet” face-to-face without the cost of an interview room. By being able to make eye-contact (albeit through a lens) and expand on the skills and experience they have to offer in greater detail, employees may find this way of interviewing useful. It avoids long commutes and enables the employer and potential candidate the opportunity to know if the role is going to be the right fit. Skype, Google Hangouts, or Facetime are just a few of the many platforms that could be used to interview on. As more jobs are now being offered remotely, video call interviews are a great way of making an interview more personal without having to travel.

Panel interview

If you are going to be working in an office environment you may be asked to an interview with a panel. This is more likely if you are going for a job that is highly competitive or for a position that means you will be liaising with others. This type of interview is the most intensive and fair in terms of practicality. By having a few different people on the panel, perhaps in different roles throughout the organisation, it can stop potential biases. It can also benefit the interviewee, as each interviewer may feel differently about what attributes are needed for said role. Usually, this kind of interview is held by the head of department asking the main questions and the other colleagues asking follow up questions. This enables the employer to better take in what is being said and take notes if needed.

Group or induction-style interview

This type of interviewing can be done in an office or separate centre and is most found when applying for jobs in retail or an apprenticeship. These types of interviews are great when an employer needs to know how a candidate will react in a real work situation. After the one-to-one interview it may be necessary for the candidate to show their skills in a working environment, say on a shop-floor or call-centre. This sort of interview is sometimes used in larger companies, that can have more applicants applying per role. In this environment team building exercises can take place, as well as mass training.
There are many different types of interview. During the pandemic you may find remote interviewing options work better for you.