Interview Tips

Ask yourself questions

Prior to the interview, interview yourself. Ask yourself why you feel you would be perfect for this role, what makes you different from the other candidates and how you would make a significant difference to their workforce. Perhaps write down your answers to memorise or at least make note of a few skills you have that you feel would benefit the role.

Ask the employer questions

Asking questions shows that you are eager, committed and take the role on offer seriously. You could ask to hear about the role in more depth to gauge the type of responsibility you will have. You could ask to hear more about the ethos of the company or the opportunities for progression.

Be honest

This is crucial. Whether it relates to qualifications on your CV, previous work experience or health problems, it is important to give a clear picture of yourself and what you can offer. By being truthful with your employer, they in turn will see you as a trustworthy individual. In stating where you may need support, the employer has better chance of accommodating and supporting your needs. By being honest about the number of hours you can work – for example, asking about options for job share or flexible working – it stops any time being wasted for both you and the employer. It also prevents potential stress, as if you have not explained your limitations at the interview, the employer may set unrealistic hours for you to work. Similarly, they may not understand you need more hours. It is all about truthful communication.

Remember to listen

An interview can be an intense situation, and this can mean you may forget to take everything in. When asking questions remember to listen fully to the answers, to make sure the job role offered is the right one for you and that you can provide all the skills needed for the role.
You have many skills and qualities – the perfect role will be out there.