Tarek Anwar

Tarek Anwar


Tarek Anwar, would you like to introduce yourself and share a little about your background?

My name is Tarek Anwar. In my eyes, I have been just a super fortunate guy: fortunate to have met my wife in 1977 when we were still teens and fortunate that we have a wonderful son who has a lovely family. I have worked for several multinational organisations across four continents with hugely diverse teams of amazing people from all corners of the world. I learned a ton of things, the most important of which is that we are all actually the same. We are all humans, with the same fears and aspirations, sadness and joy and have that same potential strength of human spirit that can overcome even some of the most challenging situations. And that has defined my purpose in life – helping others unlock their own potential.

Your work has seen you travel all over the world and experience various cultures first-hand. In your opinion, once Astriid has become established in the UK, could you see the platform expanding globally too?

Absolutely. There is just as great a need to help connect the invisible talent pool to valuable work in societies all over the world; even those who currently may either consciously or subconsciously ignore this amazing force. There’s a ton of work ahead in that space.

With such a thriving and varied career, you’ve really learned how to tap into people’s potential. If you, Tarek, could give one piece of advice to employers looking to recruit a more diverse workforce, what would it be?

Look in the mirror, what do you see? How would you personally feel if you were intentionally excluded? Inclusion for qualified people for all opportunities is absolutely the right thing to do. And it is proven, time over time, that the behaviour of inclusion leads to diversity. And that diversity that reflects our larger society, means that the business thrives, and is sustainable over the long term. Being the most attractive employer and a talent magnet, means you have incredible capabilities as a firm. Simple logic.

You are also well-known for your work in Diversity and Inclusion, striving to ensure equal opportunities are accessible for all. In your own words, why is it so vital that we are ensuring chronically ill people are not excluded from these conversations?

Work matters. How you are valued by your colleagues, matters. And as for the employers, if you are looking for colleagues that make every moment that they can give count; teammates who have incredible expertise and knowledge and would love nothing better than to give back and to be paid for it fairly, this is the path for you. How can you not want that?

As somebody who is very much about ‘connecting the dots’ and creative problem-solving, what do you, Tarek Anwar, think makes Astriid stand out as such a unique platform? What would you like to see the charity achieve in the next few years?

We are a ‘Here for Good Matchmaker’, so I would like to see Astriid become the very first port of call for employers looking for incredible talent. I would love to see Astriid become a household name, known as a joyful experience – not only for potential employees, but also for volunteers, donors, supporters and the community as a whole.