Camilla Faith

Camilla Faith


Camilla Faith, would you like to introduce yourself and share a little about your background?

Hi, I’m Camilla Faith. My current role is HR Director for an organisation operating globally in property, agriculture and agri-technology investment. Our aim is to optimise social and commercial outcomes for every investment. My hobby is planting trees with the aim to plant 500 a year, and my total currently stands at 5000!

With such a diverse range of experiences, what was it that initially sparked your interest in Astriid?

Two things, the most important of which was knowing David Shutts and what an amazing inspiration he was. Secondly, my current organisation raised £300m and built a state-of-the-art physical and mental rehabilitation centre for serving members of the armed forces. Doing so made me wonder… once people have completed their rehabilitation, what happens next? How do those who are able to work find meaningful employment? Astriid is a great solution.

We know that you’re passionate about sustainable living and supporting environmental causes. Do you think introducing more inclusive ways of working (e.g. working from home) could have any indirect positive effects in this area?

Absolutely. Offering some form of flexible working is essential for organisations to ensure they can attract the very best talent, including chronically ill people. Research also shows that teams with some members who work flexibly are more efficient because they have to get the work done in a timeframe, and doing so drives their colleagues to deliver too.

Could you tell us one thing that you, Camilla, would particularly like to see Astriid achieve within the next couple of years?

I’d like to see employers think of Astriid candidates first when they are looking to resource for tasks and opportunities. The Astriid platform is easy to use and has a great source of skills. It would be great to see it become more and more utilised in various sectors.

If there are any chronically ill candidates looking to find work in a similar sector to your own, what advice would you give them for finding a suitable role?

Good question. Apart from using Astriid of course – my experience suggests that getting any job is dependent on your network. Use your networking skills until you find someone in the industry and then ask them to introduce you to the relevant department – arrange a meeting, either in person or remotely, then persuade them to introduce you to the HR Department. As you can see it takes time and energy, but it may well be worth it.