Mike Clark

I help businesses find the fastest, smartest path to profitable revenue growth. I improve the big picture by identifying system opportunities and making structural changes that drive top and bottom-line growth.

I’m a finance, operations and supply chain expert, and help companies confidently start up, scale up and transform. I work with businesses to improve their agility and profitability by improving day-to-day processes, assessing readiness for growth and reducing operational losses.

My experience spans developed and developing markets, start-ups, acquisitions and high value brands. My expertise includes developing supply chain strategies that increase sales and profitable growth, and creating brand protection solutions that protect and recapture revenue.

Supply Chain Management
Treating the supply chain as a critical function, I’ve supported supply organisations that outsold sales teams, turning customer satisfaction into higher value repeat customers, and delivered year on year gross margin improvement.

Operations Management
I help teams manage, structure and scale their businesses for long term domestic and international growth. My experience includes Finance, Operations, Supply Chain, HR and new business integration.

Strategy Execution and Management
I’m on a mission to help people exceed. I help people master clear, concise strategies so they can be better recognised for their ideas, potential and results. I’m the founder of a number of start-ups.