James Arvidson

Charity CEO

My name is James Arvidson and I am Astriid’s CEO. I am an American who moved to the UK in 2022. My career has led me through multiple sectors (and now countries) all within the common focus of helping people grow their careers and find meaningful jobs.

Outside of my work at Astriid I manage career development programming for graduate students studying public policy at the University of Oxford. I’ve also built a supported employment programme at a Chicago-based charity serving homeless military veterans and managed a local government workforce office.

What drew me to Astriid is the focus on people whose barriers to work seem invisible and hinder adaptation to rigid systems of work. I am passionate about helping those who seek purpose through vocation but are unable to effectively do so. I’m especially focussed on the marginally employed–those who are the last to be hired in good times and the first to be let go in economic downturns.