What Are Energy Limiting Conditions? Download our new resource for free!

Did you know that up to one-third of disabled people in the UK are estimated to have an Energy Limiting Condition (ELC)? Despite this, there’s still a profound knowledge gap when it comes to these conditions and how they impact individuals – especially in the world of work.

Therefore, we are delighted to share our brand-new resource with you. Created entirely by individuals with lived experience, What Are Energy Limiting Conditions? is a free downloadable guide designed to help employees and managers to better understand the barriers faced by this community, and how to support and empower individuals in the world of work.

The guide includes an introduction to ELCs and key facts you should know, examples of long-term conditions that fall under this umbrella term and the characteristics they share, and the profound way they can impact a person’s life. It also discusses the stigma and barriers this population faces in society, and how this can carry over into a person’s place of work. The guide also introduces valuable tips for attracting, supporting, and retaining people with ELCs in the workplace, via inclusive communication, workplace adjustments, accessible recruitment processes, and so much more.

People with long-term conditions offer an innovative solution to the UK skills crisis – there are thousands of highly skilled and qualified individuals who are looking for meaningful work with forward-thinking employers. The next step is to tackle the systemic barriers that are standing in-between talented individuals and the business need for their skills.

This resource serves as an introduction to energy limiting conditions and their presence in the world of work, but as subject experts in long-term conditions at work, there is plenty more training, information, and support we can offer that can set your organisation apart. If you’re ready to become a frontrunner in the field of inclusive employment, let us partner with you to transform the challenge of long-term illness in the workplace into an opportunity to flourish. Find out more about Astriid Consulting and the bespoke training we offer here!

What Are Energy Limiting Conditions? is available for download for free on this page. If you find it helpful and/or learn something new from it, please consider making a donation to support our work. Find out more about Astriid here!