Success Story – Finding Paid Work With Cerebral Palsy

Rory, who has Cerebral Palsy, was searching for paid work that matched his skillset. With Astriid’s support, he has now found meaningful employment where he feels valued and appreciated.

“This will be the first time that I’ve ever earned any of my money through work. This is a very good feeling.”

Rory has a background in ambassadorial and voluntary work. Though these roles have equipped him with valuable transferrable skills, they have never resulted in a wage or regular income. He began his search for part-time work by approaching his local jobcentre. Fortunately, the jobcentre were aware of Astriid and directed him to the platform, where they felt he would be best supported.

He joined Astriid as a candidate and received one-to-one support and feedback on his CV. Rory then went on to speak with Steve Shutts, Astriid’s CEO, who connected him with LSE – London School of Economics. IT has always been an interest of Rory’s and matches his skillset well, and he was therefore offered a position with the organisation centred around this. After beginning as a volunteer with the organisation, he is now beginning his transition into paid work.

Rory believes that everybody should have something that keeps them occupied and fulfilled in life, and something reminds them of their self-worth and what they have to offer. He’s thrilled to be at this stage in his employment journey!

Here at Astriid, we match talented people with long-term illnesses with meaningful employment opportunities. We work with employers to make sure that they can meet candidates’ needs, and help candidates through all stages of their ‘work-ready’ journey. You can find out more and sign up as a candidate or an employer by visiting our website!