Business Disability Forum Champions Astriid’s Work

Head of Astriid Consulting Catherine Hale recently had the opportunity to present to the employers network at Business Disability Forum (BDF). BDF is the leading business membership organisation in disability inclusion, so this was a wonderful opportunity to spread the word about Astriid, and in particular, Astriid Consulting.

We’re pleased to say that the occasion went very well, and the team at BFD were very receptive to Astriid’s work. We were particularly thrilled to see their recognition of Energy Limiting Conditions, and the challenges faced by this population in the workplace. It really meant a lot to see their desire to help employers recognise the value of the untapped pool of talent that Astriid is advocating for, and do what they can to support us.

Here you can find the slides that Catherine prepared for her talk, to provide some insight into the game-changing mission we’re embarking on.

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Thank you very much to Business Disability Forum for having us, and thank you to Catherine for doing us proud!

Through Astriid Consulting, we have created a bespoke package of eLearning and training that’s centred around accommodating talented people with long-term conditions. These people make up a significant proportion of the disability community, and yet are so rarely included in traditional disability inclusion training. This is where our support comes in. 

We’re also offering an assessment and accreditation scheme, and unique workforce research to help overcome the barriers to inclusive employment and boost meaningful inclusion in the workforce. 

Astriid Consulting is now live, so if we can support your business goals and help you find the very best talent for your roles, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and say hello. To reach the team, simply visit our website or email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!