Astriid Challenge – Message from Astriid HQ, Steve Shutts, CEO

Dear Challengers,

Did you know that there are more than 500 of us, joining in the fun of the Astriid Challenge, right around the world? Your energy, blood, sweat, and (occasional) tears really do give us a boost as we pursue this magnificent cause of ours: placing people with long-term health conditions into meaningful work.

We also really appreciate that, as supporters, you really get why this is important. The opportunity to restore normality to the lives of people who are just like us. They didn’t wish chronic illness to visit them, but it did, and in many cases, it stopped them dead in their tracks. The ambition that they had studied for, and then worked for may well have been snuffed out by their illness; their confidence and life prospects will have sunk through the floor.

At Astriid, our job is to help rebuild these people, our candidates, as we coach, train, and support them back on their journey to work. Much of this effort is expended by volunteers, fabulous people just like you, who give up their time to build that confidence, one brick at a time. But as well as volunteers, we also need funds. Our charity has been self-funded from the beginning, nobody provides us with a grant, nor do we enjoy state support.

And so, dear challengers, that is where you play such an important part. Our ability to dispense a service is a direct result of the efforts that you put in as volunteer fundraisers for our cause. The money that you gather in donations from your networks, your friends, and family, goes directly to funding the operations of the charity. We know that you are passionate about supporting us in our mission because you tell us. What we now need is for you to tell everybody else about what you are doing and why, encouraging them to donate through you to help us deliver our programme to our most deserving candidates. Be as direct with them as I am now being with you!

To help tell the story I want to leave you with this short video by Deborah. She was a candidate who came to Astriid for exactly the support I describe. She now works with us as a candidate coordinator to help other individuals who suffer chronic illness improve their lives. As you listen to her inspiring words, please know that you were playing your part in changing lives of people just like Deborah. One life at a time.

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