Astriid Calls For Employers To Include Flexible Working Options In Job Advertisements

More than 16 organisations, including Astriid, have come together to call for a requirement for employers to include flexible working options in job advertisements.

“As part of its 2019 election manifesto, the Conservative Party committed to consulting on making flexible work the default. We welcome today’s announcement but it is simply not enough. The Government’s consultation response will not achieve its 2019 manifesto commitment, so it urgently needs to change course. 

Mums, dads, disabled people, carers, those with Long Covid and older workers need flexibility in order to get into work, stay and progress. At the moment, those who need flexibility to work are forced to ask in the recruitment process. We know many don’t due to justified fears of discrimination.  The change the Government is proposing will not fix this, and does not require employers to think about how to design flexibility into their roles. 

To truly meet their manifesto commitment, the Government must require employers to include the possible flexible working options in job adverts. This is a small, simple change that would make a huge difference to workers, and would unlock billions of pounds of activity in our economy, tackle labour shortages, and support the levelling up agenda.”

Signatories include a broad range of organisations, including those who support working parents, older people, those with caring responsibilities, and (as in our case) disabled people and those with long-term conditions too. Flexible working is one of very few accessible routes into working with a chronic illness, but it benefits a much broader population too. 

Our Employment And Long-Term Illness Report found that flexible hours and working from home were by far the most important adjustments that encouraged people to apply for job roles. We want flexible working built into job design, not just something you can request once you’re in a role.

A requirement for employers to include flexible working options in job advertisements is one tangible action that could lead to a ripple effect of positive change, and we will continue to support this endeavour going forward.

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