Encephalitis and Employment – Lucy Dawson’s Story

In this piece, originally published at the beginning of 2020, Lucy Dawson discusses her experiences of encephalitis and employment. Lucy was 20 years old when she suddenly became severely unwell with an unexplainable illness. After being incorrectly sectioned under the Mental Health Act, and placed in a psychiatric ward for three months, Lucy’s condition worsened […]

Becoming Self-Employed With A Long-Term Health Condition – Points To Consider

In this post, writer Hannah Emery shares some important points to consider for becoming self-employed with a long-term health condition. If you’re seeking meaningful work, sign up with Astriid today! Deciding to become self-employed instead of following the traditional employment route can feel like a leap into the unknown. However, more and more people are choosing […]

Introducing CISFA-UK: Chronic Illness Support For All UK

We have Miranda Hart to thank for introducing CISFA UK to Astriid. Throughout April and May 2020, Miranda committed to fundraising for both of our causes through her online shop, and made waves in the community as a result of her heartfelt advocacy. Intrigued by CISFA UK and how their wonderful work came about, we reached out and […]

How Do I Know If I’m Ready To Work Or Volunteer?

woman sat at a table, tablet device in her hands as she considers whether to work or volunteer

In this post, writer Hannah Emery shares her tips and advice on how individuals with long-term conditions can consider whether they’re ready to work or volunteer. If you’re seeking meaningful work, sign up with Astriid today! Taking the first step into employment or volunteering when you have either been completely unable to work or have had […]

Why It Pays Off To Employ Someone With A Long-Term Health Condition

employment health issues

The world of work is changing and being a pioneer in new ways of working going forward will be a great advantage to many businesses. Introducing flexible working patterns, home-working and other adjustments for your employees will not just benefit those who have a long-term health condition but also working parents, the older members in […]

Astriid wins £1,000 Movement for Good Award

Astriid has won a £1,000 Movement for Good award from Ecclesiastical Insurance Group thanks to nominations from the public. Astriid is one of 500 winners in specialist insurer Ecclesiastical’s Movement for Good awards, which is giving £1million to charities this summer. This money will have a huge impact on Astriid, and will be used to […]

Astriid Challenge 2021 – We’ve gone around the world and then some!

Message to all our friends and supporters at Astriid: I wanted to take this opportunity to pay tribute once again to all of the fantastic competitors and participants, volunteers, and team members, who have made the Astriid Challenge 2021 so successful. With more than double the number of competitors than participated last year, we have […]