Employment And Long-Term Illness: The Invisible Talent Pool – Astriid Report

Many people with long-term illnesses wish to engage with meaningful work. However, there are many barriers that prevent these individuals from finding suitable opportunities and from pursuing a career in a way that’s inclusive of their needs, according to the latest Astriid report on the Invisible Talent Pool.

As a platform for matching talented chronically ill people with inclusive work opportunities, Astriid has seen first-hand that in the right environment, engaging with work can transform employees’ quality of life for the better, as well as offer valuable benefits for employers and companies. However, the following research project has shown that talented chronically ill people are still being let down by challenges in employment and recruitment.

Despite being a motivated and highly-educated talent pool, we found that many individuals with long-term conditions experience challenges in finding suitable opportunities to work – there is a lack of flexible, inclusive roles to apply for, and many chronically ill people face additional barriers during the recruitment process. For those who do manage to secure work, many experience issues securing reasonable adjustments, and the toll of working alongside managing their condition has a drastic effect on their mental health and work-life balance. The majority of our sample also strongly felt their employer or line manager could be better informed about their condition and how they can support chronically ill people in the workplace.

Download the full Astriid report here: Invisible Talent Pool Report