Becoming Self-Employed With A Long-Term Health Condition – Points To Consider

In this post, writer Hannah Emery shares some important points to consider for becoming self-employed with a long-term health condition. If you’re seeking meaningful work, sign up with Astriid today! Deciding to become self-employed instead of following the traditional employment route can feel like a leap into the unknown. However, more and more people are choosing […]

Introducing CISFA-UK: Chronic Illness Support For All UK

We have Miranda Hart to thank for introducing CISFA UK to Astriid. Throughout April and May 2020, Miranda committed to fundraising for both of our causes through her online shop, and made waves in the community as a result of her heartfelt advocacy. Intrigued by CISFA UK and how their wonderful work came about, we reached out and […]

How Do I Know If I’m Ready To Work Or Volunteer?

woman sat at a table, tablet device in her hands as she considers whether to work or volunteer

In this post, writer Hannah Emery shares her tips and advice on how individuals with long-term conditions can consider whether they’re ready to work or volunteer. If you’re seeking meaningful work, sign up with Astriid today! Taking the first step into employment or volunteering when you have either been completely unable to work or have had […]

Success Story – Finding Work After Blood Cancer

work blood cancer

Cancer treatment and recovery can be a gruelling process, but many cancer survivors aim to return to the world of work. However, as Tim found out, finding work after blood cancer can be challenging. “It was a wonderful endorsement, just to be able to reach out and get through the door, talk to somebody and […]

Success Story – Finding Flexible Work In The Charity Sector

charity sector flexible

Finding flexible work in the charity sector can be demanding, especially for people with energy-limiting conditions. Keep reading to find out how Pippa went from signing up as a candidate to becoming part of the Astriid team! “Whenever I describe my condition to others, I refer to myself as an ’in-betweener’. I’m not ill ‘enough’ […]

Success Story – Recognising Your Employability After Cancer Treatment

employability cancer treatment

Many people have concerns about their employability after going through cancer treatment. However, Claire’s story shows that with the right support, it’s possible to find accessible and fulfilling work. “I was very qualified for the jobs I was applying for, but I felt that I was being overlooked because I was declaring that I was […]

Eating For Energy: A Guide For Your Working Day

Food and diet are individual and subjective, especially when you have a chronic illness and specific dietary requirements. You know your body better than anybody, but today we have a guest post from trained nutritional therapist and blogger, Gillian Francis, about eating for energy. You can find more from Gill on her website!  ~ The food […]

Working With Long Covid – Recommendations For The Workplace

This month, CIPD (the professional body for HR and people development) released a new report with the aim of developing a deeper insight into the experiences of people with Long Covid in the workplace. Today, we’d like to summarise what they found, and discuss how this aligns with Astriid’s own thinking toward long-term illness inclusion in the workplace. Why […]

5 Ways Your Chronic Illness Makes You More Employable

a group of people working collaboratively at a desk, looking over notes and laptop screens

Even if you have had gaps in your education or employment due to a long-term health condition, you may have more transferrable skills from your everyday experiences than you might think. Here are just five ways your chronic illness makes you more employable, to help to think more creatively about what you can offer potential […]